Tampa Mistress – Testimonials

I just got back home from visiting Empress Raven’s Web, and I can’t stop thinking about our session. I keep rewinding the experience over and over in my head. I was hoping for a wonderful first experience, but I must say, She exceeded my wildest expectations. Being under Her control was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

I could tell from repeatedly reading all Her website and then talking with Her on the phone that She is NOT the everyday Mistress in the Pro Domme world of sameness. From the moment She greeted me at the door, with her warm smile, I knew I was in for something different…in a good way.

Her Web has beautiful amenities, neat, clean, incredibly well equipped with an array fetish toys, devices…all neatly laid out. 

After exchanging brief pleasantries, we began our session. She laid Her hands on me, I felt myself melting under Her control. And I must confess…I loved every minute of it. The way She started at the top of my shoulders working Her way down my back, slowly, ever so slowly, sending electrifying shivers throughout my entire body.

I especially enjoyed the way She ever so lightly ran Her expert fingertips across my ass. She certainly has extreme talent in both Her hands and fingers, as She arouses, teases and denies.

This has awakened a nascent desire in me, I thought I was going to lose it, right then and there. Instead She  expertly backed off a few seconds, then backed to mercilessly teasing me, just enough to drive me even more insane. She intuitively knew how to keep me right on the edge without letting me go over.

Once She had me roll over onto my back, I was a little startled at first with the tool She used across my chest and nipples…it created such a deep feeling of need and caused such intense physical arousal…Sensual Domination at its best. With Empress Raven it’s a memorable unpredictable journey which is nearly impossible to forget. 

As I have got to know Empress Raven better, I have developed an even greater admiration for Her dedication. Despite already having very broad and deep expertise, She is committed to continually developing Her talents.

This, coupled with Her natural gifts, are an extremely rare combination. I cannot speak highly enough of Empress Raven’s talents and absolutely can’t wait to continue my journey with Her.

Parker F.