By Tampa Dominatrix – Prostate Massage Tampa

Empress Raven Prostate Massage Prostate Milking

As an Elite Dominatrix prostate massage is one of my specialties. Quite often men have searched long and hard to find an experienced Professional Dominatrix for Prostate Massage in Tampa who knows what she is doing and can perform this service.

Prostate massage is the massaging or stimulation of the prostate gland for medical or sexual reasons.

The prostate is a gland that sits inside of the anus just below the bladder. Massaging the prostate empties that fluid out of the prostatic duct.

Capturing My sub’s attention, stimulating his mind and tickling his senses is a beautiful thing. I love seeing My submissive losing control and this makes every session exciting and unforgettable.

As you lay on My massage table, a warm sensuous finger starts probing your puckered hole and you begin opening up like a rosebud. I see the stir of desire, your earthly  senses become dull, and your ethereal self becomes illumined, you become totally vulnerable with little or no coverage about ego.

I tease, massage, rub…always keeping you on the edge. You surrender to pleasure, unleashing all that’s within and nothing else matters, moaning, screaming out loud, as it builds and builds…your deep dark hole begins to contract over and over again. Now I have you trembling and on the cusp  of an explosive ending.

It’s time to let go of the self and you will meet a madman coming out of you, totally drained…just inexplicably mystifying delicious. You will be back for more because I’m that good, you will never forget Me…that’s a promise.