Tampa Dominatrix Testimonials 

I’ve had the privilege of serving Empress Raven on multiple occasions, and every minute of my time with her has been absolutely spectacular. Before my first visit, we had a 30 minutes conversation to see if we were a good fit for each other. In the middle of our conversation, I knew I made the right decision in going to see Her.

The first thing that became clear, is that she is very focused on developing trust, and emphasizes the importance of communication (in both directions).

Before our first session started, she took the time to review and discuss the information I had supplied with my booking request – covering previous experience, likes/dislikes, health issues – as well as any additional (new) activities she wanted to include in the session.

The conversation was relaxed and informal, and put me completely at ease – which really helped me get over my nerves. Over time, I have come to appreciate first hand that she puts a great deal of time into preparing for a session – She tailor-made each session to fit all my fetishes and kinks…which is utterly satisfying.

Empress Raven stretches my boundaries in myriad ways, and has this ability to relay the connection that holds together the darker corners of my life. She has helped me to look at, and accept all my darkest desires and find the hidden beauty within.

I need someone to crawl into my head and record every debauched fantasies…and I will entrust no one else but Empress Raven.

Her Web is incredibly well equipped (and spotlessly clean,  and she takes full advantage of this – using a wide variety of implements and techniques to keep things fresh and exciting. Once the session starts, you will never be in any doubt that she is in complete control. She doesn’t need to shout or scream, she just gives you a look and you know with perfect clarity.

I relish every session with Empress Raven, as I get the opportunity to escape life’s challenges, I also get the chance to quiet my mind, let go and be my true self. I replay our session over and over again in my head until I visit Her again.

Neil D.