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My Style Of Sensual Domination

Sensual Domination is a softer sensual style of play but also an alternative approach to maintaining control and power over your submissive. Sensual Domination is a form of play that involves the submissive giving up control to the Dominant. It focuses on sensations and pleasurable rewards, over pain and punishment.

As a Pro Domme, I excel in the art of Sensual Domination. It’s more about physical restraints and mental captivation. A good Dominatrix pays attention to the submissive, says what turns them on and observes very carefully how their bodies react to specific stimuli. I enjoy seeing My submissive losing control. It makes everything so thrilling, dizzying and intoxicating…especially finding new erogenous zones that have never been encountered.

Sensual Domination is a new style of domination which focuses on delighting the senses, as the submissive gives up control to the dominant and celebrates pleasure over pain. I will give you what you crave…I will give you what you are afraid to ask for. Surrender to Me, still your mind, give yourself over to my steady hands and allow yourself to fall. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way.

When you leave, you’ll keep playing over and over in your mind what you just had the privilege of experiencing. The thought of what Empress Raven will do to you next will play inside your mind like an endless loop. You’ll constantly be anticipating your next session.