Interview With Tryst Magazine

Get to know your Tampa Bay Dominantrix Empress Raven by reading her Interview With Tryst Magazine.


-Tryst: Tell us your story, how did you get into the industry and what has your journey looked like thus far?

ER: I stumbled into the industry after living the FLR lifestyle for 15 years. With my healthcare background my mentor thought I had something to offer the femdom world on a professional level. I love and enjoy what I do, so I made the decision to go Pro and it has been an amazing and exhilarating ride.

-Tryst: What’s one weird food combination you really enjoy?

ER: I don’t know if this is a weird food combination, I love mangoes and I would cut a mango into chunks then add hot sauce before eating it.

-Tryst: What are some of your favorite fetishes to cater to and why?

ER: Some of my favorite fetishes are: Strap-On Play, Prostate Massage, Femdom Training, but overall Medical Play is my all time favorite. For me Medical Play is an exploration of the body and finding what causes stimulation which can be highly erotic…I love things that are cold, shiny, sharp, sterile and my Web is equipped for most BDSM play.

-Tryst: I read that you specialize in something called Bond-Massage. What is this and how did you get into it?

ER: Being the Mistress of sensual domination I became proficient in the art of Bond-Massage because it adds a new dimension to my arsenal of erotic delights in sensual Bondage. I use Bond-Massage to tickle the senses, finding every erogenous zones as my fingers play havoc with your mind. Bond-Massage is a sensual journey into erotic kinky massages mixed with sensation play, sensual body percussion, tease and denial, extensive edging and a kaleidoscope of light to heavy bondage.

-Tryst: What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?

ER: In my free time away from the world of Domination, I enjoy Ballroom Dancing where you can find me dancing the night away at my favorite locale, fine dining, boating and traveling to exotic places.

-Tryst: As sex workers we face a number of challenges in our line of work. What is one issue you care about and how do you think your clients can help sex workers?

ER: As a sex worker we face challenges in our line of work every single day. One of the things I care about and the client can do to help make our job a little bit easier is to be verifiable and be open in creating a honest dialogue…if you are so willingly trust us with your deepest, darkest, most intimate desires, fantasies and vulnerabilities, you should be able to trust us with your basic information to be verified. As a Professional Domme, building my brand and having longevity in this business with an unblemished reputation it’s very important to me.

-Tryst: What does a day in the life of Empress Raven look like?

ER: I still work as a healthcare professional 5 days a month, but when I’m not doing so…I usually start my day at 5am and workout in my home gym, then have coffee on my lanai with my slave boy CJ, do some writing for a couple of hours…being that I am a website content writer, Session 11am and 5pm, then I would end my day dining out at my favorite eatery.

-Tryst: What has working at a dominatrix taught you about sex and human sexuality?

ER: Working as a dominatrix I found out more often sex is never the agenda, it’s about asserting my control over someone who enjoys relinquishing their power to me, in whatever way they enjoy. Human sexuality is an integral part of being human it refers to people’s sexual interest in and attraction to others or things and have the capacity to have erotic or sexual feelings and experiences.

-Tryst: What’s your one go to piece of advice for workers just starting out?

ER: My advice to SW just starting out is set your boundaries and don’t be afraid to assert them. It’s also good to know a little about all the fetishes and BDSM play, but find your niche…work at being really good at it and focus 100% on getting the right client to respond…attracting relatively the ones who match and align with what you have to offer.

-Tryst: My ideal date would consist of:

ER: Is getting all dolled up, have dinner at my favorite eatery and finish the evening dancing the night away.

-Tryst: The nicest place I’ve ever been:

ER: The Mykonos Island is my picture perfect place and one of the nicest place that I’ve been…from the food, the attractions, the sightseeing, the shopping, the nightlife, the art exhibits and the beauty of this Island is so breathtaking…it’s a thrilling, exciting and amazing atmosphere.

-Tryst: My favourite food is:

ER: Indian because all the spices blend so well together, it’s like having a mouth orgasm with each bite.

-Tryst: If you were going to buy me a drink you should buy me a:

ER: Jalapeno Margarita with Casa Noble Tequila


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