Florida Mistress – Would you like to be in the Web of a Florida Mistress ? Would you like to experience that euphoric feeling of total ecstasy? Look no further, Empress Raven the Ultimate Purveyor of Sensual Domination is offering you a vast amount of services for adult play, and your personal fulfillment. From the moment you begin this tantalizing and titillating journey with Me, I will seduce, arouse, tease, deny…unlocking all barriers to your darkest deepest desires. I will awaken, the longing and desire…the want and hunger, the salacious invitation to be a part of something that transcends all reason and decorum…as I discover your deepest darkest most vulnerable self.

My dark devious imagination never fails to create new and exciting scenarios to play with. As the Ultimate Sensual Florida Mistress, I thrive on taking you to the edge and beyond, sending you over that familiar precipice of dark desire…spiraling out into the abyss of pleasure and leaving you exquisitely annihilated.

I am proficient, and specialize in Erotic Bond-Massage, which is a sensual journey into erotic kinky massages, finding every erogenous zones, coupled with a kaleidoscope of light to heavy bondage…inexplicable mystifying delicious. As an Erotic Bondage-Massage Guru, you will enter my sanctuary, derobed, then blindfolded and tied to my table as we begin this adventurous journey of erotic tantra massage. I’ll touch you softly…slowly running my hands over your body, gently massaging…kneading…rubbing…squeezing…pressing, it feels magical…it feels mystical as you ascend into paradise. My actions now will become effortless, sliding my hands over your ass…then parting your ass cheeks, taking my forefinger to run circles round your puckered rosebud.

This is your golden opportunity to feel my midas touch. I can hear the sharp intake of your breath anticipating my next move…my next touch, then dipping an inch of my finger in your asshole. You are now consumed by dark desires…losing your senses in the deliciousness of it all. I will stroke, press, massage and milk your P-Spot…as you moan with delight. I also enjoy and specialize in a variety of Femdom activities, from sensual teasing, to breaking men to the point of tears. The power exchange between a woman and a man truly intrigues me. Personal chemistry, combined interests and limitations is the foundation for our session.