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Domination and fetish in Tampa have been pulled out of the darkness and are now out in the open. People aren’t just talking about it with an open mind than they did in the past, but they’re also practicing BDSM in their own sex lives.

BDSM is a variety of erotic practices and falls under a large umbrella such as domination, submission, bondage, sadomasochism and an array of fetishes.

Some fetishes are common, such as a preference for submission and domination. A fetish or kink is a sexual desire or fantasy that you have that’s specific. Having a fetish isn’t a bad thing, and you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed. A fetish is typically something that you don’t intentionally choose to find arousing…you may find it arousing involuntarily despite your best efforts not to.

As one of Tampa’s Elite Professional Dominatrix, I encourage my submissive to be open about their wants, needs and desires. I enjoy many forms of domination and fetishes, I get a mental turn-on and a brain orgasm from it. The mental high of dominating My submissives and making them submit to Me is a feeling unlike no other.

One of my favorite fetishes is Medical Play, and as a Healthcare Professional, I love it when things are cold, shiny, sharp and sterile. I love nice equipment so My Web is fully equipped with the best of everything for most BDSM play.

Come into Empress Raven’s Web and show Me every twisted, frightened thought you’ve ever had…submit to Me, lose yourself, and  rest in My Dominance.