Empress Raven’s Finishing School of Crossdressing

Empress Raven's Finishing School Of Cross-dressing Elite Dominatrix In Tampa Bay, Florida


Do you have a burning desire to explore your feminine side? Have you always wanted someone who understands, to help you on this journey? Can’t wait to be transformed into the incredible sexy woman you have always dreamed of?

Each of us has a destiny and we each choose to follow our own path to fulfill that destiny or create our own. Now is the time to transform into the most desirable woman you always wanted to be.


Empress Raven’s Finishing School of Cross-Dressing, is a friendly, discreet and safe way for you to explore your fantasies. Empress Raven is here to help guide cross dressers through this important journey. Everything about Crossdressing has always intrigued and fascinates me…especially starting with a blank canvas and seeing the transformation… Oh so delightful! Under my tutelage I will Mentor, guide, and mold you into whomever you choose to become…I am here to guide you in…

  • Shopping and choosing the right clothes/lingerie and accessories for you.
  • Body Sculpting (bust, breast & butt forms, stomach and hips)
  • Makeup Application
  • Walking / Walking in high heels
  • Wig Options
  • Nails
  • Skin Care 101
  • Hair Removal
  • Poise
  • Feminine and fluid body movements…the style and grace of the female body, because true sexiness is a state of mind.


As a Professional Domme I take great pleasure transforming men into beautiful Divas. Whether you are a wife or significant other whose man loves to wear a dress. Whether you want to cross-dress full-time, part-time, or choose to remain closeted, I’m here to help and guide you.

If you choose to venture out, I’ll be with you every step of the way. The best insights are from within, you just need to be unafraid to ask for what you seek.


So, now is time to take the necessary steps and start the next chapter of your story…do what makes you happy…do what makes you feel complete. Let’s take this journey together.

Total Cost For Course is $1,296.00. We’ll meet for 90 minutes one day per week for six weeks. Venturing Out, Shopping Excursions, or Afternoon Tea with Empress Raven are separate, and Not included in the course fee.

Empress Raven’s School Of Crossdressing Enrollment Application

Before attending Empress Raven’s School Of Crossdressing, you must complete My confidential and enrollment application. This helps Me guide you in your request.

There are no right or wrong answers, I ask you only to be as honest as you can be. All of this information is strictly private. Unless you have transitioned to full-time, I prefer that you allow your male self to answer these questions.

I may never address you as a man again, but right now, unless a question asks you to describe a fantasy, I need facts. However if you are still shy about using your actual name, you may use a pseudonym, just be sure to use a first and last name.

Have fun completing this application.

    Vital Statistics


    Crossdressing History

    Of The Next Two, Answer or Check What Applies To You

    I'm pretty much a cross-dressing virgin, looking for help.

    What do you hope to accomplish through your cross-dressing experiences? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Sexually?

    The courses I am most interested in are *
    Going outOverall realnessWig careFinding my lookMakeupWalking in heelsMaid trainingSocial gatheringsother (describe below)

    The following best describes my female side. (You can check more than one) *
    Sissy maidSexy vampWhorish slutYoung wifeSophisticated career woman mommy's little girlPregnantconservative librarianother (describe below)

    I feel most fulfilled sexually through (choose one) *
    MasturbationSex with womenSex with men Voyeurismother (describe below)