Empress Raven in her dungeon The Web in Tampa Bay Florida.

Tampa’s Elite Dominatrix

Booking a session with Empress Raven, Pro Domme and Femdom Extraordinaire is the best choice you have ever made. You have read my website…thoroughly read my website… including My FAQ and my interests as well. The information on my website is there for a reason, NOT reading it, also entails that I have to repeat numerous details that have already been established. This is extremely annoying…and you don’t want Me annoyed, do you?

Make sure your interests align with mine. Be upfront and honest about who you are and be specific of what you seek. If you do not, means you will NOT have a session with Me. I cater to seasoned players as well as novices. If you are a newbie, sometimes you are not sure what you like yet, and that’s ok. With My experience and expertise, I have an insight into what you may like and can guide your experience in a safe and intuitive manner.

Be in the right headspace and be open to new possibilities. Hygiene is very important to Me, so, follow preparation as instructed. Be on time and be energized and relax for your play session. Welcome to My Web Of Pleasure And Pain, kneel at My feet, and relinquish control. I’m ready to show you that I am your Empress…and why you’ll always be looking forward to your next session!

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