Bond-Massage in South Florida: Play with me as I take the role of Mistress surgeon, and perform a number of operations on you such as Urethral

Sounding, prostate milking, and kinky ass play. Take a trip on the sensual side and join me on a BDSM journey into your dark desires, as I sustain you and keep you going and holding you at the pinnacle of pleasure, before I send you over the edge. There is no comparison to the Femdom Training of Empress Raven for all kinksters looking to lead the FLR relationship.

My skills are plentiful and my menu a delight. As black Mistress, professional Domme and mature Diva I am certain to be of incomparable value to you as you begin serving me. My Bond-Massage play will include the greatest forms of pleasure, such as body rubs and body slides, all the way down to ultimate submission and surrender with spanking, flogging and prostate milking.

Experience the sinister, decadent delight of edge play as I tease and deny you the pleasure you can almost taste as its so close. The mastery in bondage I present comes with great

experience as a mature Domme that knows how to control, knows when to punish, and knows the route to your most well concealed desires. Submit to your desires, and submit to Me. Don’t hesitate and let your curiosity die out; take a step onto the wild side and let me liberate your inner submissive dying to be set free by surrendering to a Mistress of Domination.

Bond-Massage in South Florida: Currently based in Tampa Bay, Land O Lakes, Clearwater, Lutz, Largo, St. Pete & Orlando. Other cities frequent Includes: South Florida, Atlanta, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco

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