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BDSM Tampa Bay Queen

I’m a mature 40 + years old, professional and lifestyle Domina based in Tampa Bay, Florida. I’m ultra-feminine, a true lady with class, style with a lifetime of rich experiences. My 11 + years of experience as a lifestyle Domina, I have a great knowledge of BDSM practices and I pride Myself on the connection I create with My subjects.

It doesn’t take long until I truly understand in-depth their submissive tendencies, fetishes and fantasies. I live and breathe the Femdom lifestyle. I am currently in a female led relationship. I make no apology for living this lifestyle I truly came to know and love.

I’m a lady of refined taste and there is absolutely nothing ordinary about Me – I am and will always be a true female Enchantress…I am Empress Raven, The Caribbean Queen.


While much of my life can be defined as an Empress of Sensual Domination, My familiarity with the human body begins with my 25 years of experience as a surgical nurse. I use this real-world experience in My medical fetish scenes. How safe and thrilling do you think My medical scenes are after learning about My background?

Not only am I an expert in the brilliant tapestry of our physiology through my medical background, but I am also proficient in its choreography as I have been formally trained in Ballroom Dancing. The forms I specialized in are American Rhythm, Smooth Dances, International Standard, as well as Latin Dances. With such a talent and taste for the details of bodily movement, I decided to share my skill set with others and open my own Dance Studio-with which I have been ludicrously successful. Over 20 years have passed since I entered the Ballroom Business and my excellence has garnered me multiple awards for choreography.

With ample free time and a preference for the high class, one can find The Caribbean Queen taking to the seas in a thrilling boating venture, stimulating the soul by engaging in the arts, and finishing the night with exquisite dining. You see, as a woman of elevated aspiration and an inclination for the sophisticated aspects of life, an encounter with Me can be likened to an evolving of your senses.

A Sultry Burlesque Dancer, an Empath, Connoisseur of Choreography, and an Ebony Mistress Femdom Extraordinaire in – my work is characterized by the passion, diversity, and intrigue of my personality.

It has been said that those of the Cancer sign are most intuitive and we often possess an uncanny ability. A truer statement couldn’t be made about Me as a Fetish Savant-any hidden desire you may try and hide will inevitably come to light as I pick and pry, gauging your body’s reactions.

My expertise in sensual domination

Combined with an insightful intuition is an undeniable trait I wish to share with you in our dance of decadent erotic desire. A good session is a gorgeous dance, and a good Pro Domme can lead with a spirit of fluidity. One of the many job perks of a Pro Domme of BDSM Tampa Bay is the opportunity to embody different archetypes, to be spontaneous, to react to and lead their subject mind and body in a new direction.

Being that I am an Empress of a dazzlingly lifestyle, I enjoy playing with sophisticated, upscale, savvy professionals over 35+. Men, Women and Couples are all welcome to Contact Me and join the wondrous world of sensuous domination with Me.

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Caribbean Queen * BDSM Tampa * Sensual Domme * Fetish Enthusiast * Medical Play * Femdom Extraordinaire * Bondage-Massage Guru

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